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Game Development
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Super Neon Pixel Blast

I've always wanted to create a break out game. This project first started in 2015 as a small side project. I eventually placed this project on hold to create my Mobile Game Development Course. Now I have resumed development and hope to release this game (Development on hold for other projects.) in 2019.

Roid Runner 2

This is the sequal to my first game. I changed up the formula from a endless runner to and action packed Asteroids game.

Dont Drop The Birdies

In this cute but challenging game your goal is to keep the birds in the air as long as you can or else they meet a fiery fate. This was my second published game.

Roid Runner

In this game your goal is to fly through the asteroids racking up as many points as possible before crashing. This was my first ever published game. Looking back at it its quite basic but it was still fun. This project took me 8 months to complete. Now I could do this in a weekend. A reminder of how far I've come in game development.
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